1. How the story begins...

Once upon a time, in a world yearning for stronger community connections, a group of visionaries embarked on a mission to create a rich know-how treasure box. They envisioned a world where individuals and organizations could build thriving ecovillage networks, fostering sustainable and regenerative living. With this vision in mind, they set out to create an Online Learning Package (OLP) which is part of a project Launch&Thrive: Awakening the Networks.

Launch&Thrive was designed to be more than just an educational course; it was a transformative journey that empowered individuals to turn their dreams of sustainable living into reality. As the group built Launch&Thrive, they crafted a narrative that unfolded step by step, each phase representing a crucial aspect of launching and thriving in a national ecovillage network.

In this OLP, learners are invited on a transformative journey that embraces different methods of organising and understanding the steps of the network's development. Each step brings us closer to embodying sustainable and interconnected ecovillage networks. Through this learning course, individuals can become empowered change agents, equipped with the knowledge, resources, and connections to make a tangible difference in their communities and create a flourishing future for all.

Have you ever asked yourself...

What is a network then? It might be confusing!

We invite you to reflect on the notion and see within yourself: what is a network FOR YOU.
To approach a bit more networks that exist in the world we provide below some factors which we identified as the components influencing the character and development of a network.
Together, these elements converge in a mesmerizing tableau, bringing us closer to the essence of the network.

What seems very common for all networks is that it is a dynamic, interconnected whole—a living, breathing organism to the power of unity, knowledge, culture, resilience, and shared roots.